Tibet Lhasa –Kathmandu Cycling Tour

No. of Pax





22 Days

Hightest Altitude




Day 01 Arrival in Kathmandu. 1314m.
Day 02 Sightseeing in Kathmandu.
Day 03 Fly to Lhasa: 3514m.
Day 04-05 Sightseeing in Lhasa.
Day 06 Lhasa to Chutsu /Camping: 3541- 3617m-3608m/84.5km.
Day 07 Chutsu to Nakartse/Camping/3608m- 4807m- 4296m/73 km.
Day 08 Nakrte to Lungmar/Camping/4296m-5032m-4516m/52 km
Day 09 Lungmar to Gyantse/4516m-4048m/ 59km
Day 10 Gyantse to Shigatse/Hotel/4516m-4048m-3852m/93.4km.
Day 11 Rest & Exploration day day in Shigatse/Hotel/3852m.
Day 12 Shigatse to Tso La /Camping/3852m-4160m-4160m/95.5km.
Day 13 Tso La to lhatse /Hotel/: 4533m-4145m-64.5km.
Day 14 Lhaste to Shregar/Hotel/:4145m- 5253m-4408m/: 65.7km.
Day 15 Shregar to Pangla /Camping/4408m-5205m-4213m/80.km.
Day 16 Pangla to Rongbuk/Camping/4213m-5009m-5009m/33.1km. (Rest and Exploration day at Rongbuk/view Mt Everest North face)
Day 17 Rongbuk to Tingri: Hotle / 5009m-5101m-4355m/: 62.5km.
Day 18 Tingri to thang La/: Camping/4355m-4563m-4560m/: 73km.
Day 19 Lalung La to Nyalam/Hotel /4560m-5149m/-3775m/ 50km.
Day 20 Nyalam to The last Resort /Hotel /3776m-1065m/74km.
Day 21 last Resort to Kathmandu :1065-1535m-1314m/ 32km.
Day 22 Tour end, Drop to Int Airport .